We all come with something, and we all leave with something!

We envision an Exchange of life and leadership!  Women making a difference are invited to share how they came to be doing what they are doing and how they create and sustain their life and leadership. More than a pitch, more than marketing, and more than a testimony; it is a time of Exchange-ing wisdom, courage, idea’s, best practices, and above all–hearts.

A WOOT Leadership Exchange Luncheon and Workshop is a place where women in leadership get to interact not only with each other, but the invited speakers in a more intimate setting.

Dates:  TBA

The annual Women of Our Time conference dedicated to Women of Our Time who are powerful, passionate, and love courageously. It’s a conference about empowering women to fulfill the purposes for which they were created…without apology.

Because its time.

The conference is actually a call:

  • to put on our big girl panties.
  • be exactly who we are and do exactly what we are called to do
  • to open Our Eyes to the BIG PICTURE of what God is doing on the earth…with women!
  • to open our hearts, open our mouths, open our hands to love, speak up and join together in advancing the kingdom of God.
  • to be powerful, passionate, and love courageously!

Every conference will include WOOTLA (Women of Our Time Leadership Alliance) and Leadership Exchange Luncheons.

Dates:  TBA

A retreat style small group gathering for women who serve in leadership capacity.  Learn More HERE