It all started with a conversation with three other women leaders.

“I love conferences but I just don’t have the time or resources to go often”, she said.

“I completely get it, especially now that I am traveling and speaking at some of those conferences. I still love them but with the little personal time I have, they are not my first choice”, I replied.

“As I think about it”, I quipped, “though I love conferences, where I would rather be when I attend them is in the GREEN ROOM with the other speakers who are doing what I do so I can talk life and shop and Jesus with people who live a life like mine.”

“YES!” all four of us shouted in unison.

And so it began…

What to Expect

Green Room Intensives are 4-day retreat style gatherings for women leaders facilitated by Dr. Kim Maas. Everything is done in community with other passionate, visionary, fearless committed leaders.

Each Green Room Intensive provides:

•Safety and Sanctuary

•Spirit Inspired/Led Sessions

•Round-Table and Guided Discussion

•Leadership Enhancement

•Relational Connection

•Prophetic/Personal Ministry

Green Room Intensive attendance requires application process and approval, registration, and registration fees paid in full according to provided deadline dates.